Rudine Howard: But How?

Posted by: Ruth | Posted on: May 14th, 2011 | 0 Comments

I am a big fan of what Oprah Winfrey does with her money and how she uses the format of her show to make the world a better place. Over the years she has covered many fascinating stories but one that really resonated with me was that of Rudine Howard, the woman suffering with anorexia nervosa. Seeing the footage of her struggle and emaciated 48 lb. body was so unsettling.

I’ll never forget one scene that you can see in the below clip at 8:12 when a celebrity (Tracey Gold) was trying to explain how she could kick this anorexia in the ass and take back her life. The part of the scene that profoundly moved me was when Rudine asks her, “But how do you do it?” You can feel her utter hopelessness as she asks that question. It’s so sad to see how Rudine has lost her way, has lost herself and who she used to be, who she COULD be! She has been overtaken by this disease.

There’s a couple things I gleaned from Rudine – the power of mental illness and also the importance of knowing yourself well enough to know your WHY. When you know your WHY the HOW will come to you.

I try to keep a mindfulness in my coaching practice to offer people some coping strategies for HOW to live their best lives but what I’m seeing is it really has to come from them. People need to know their WHY – what’s the MEANING and PURPOSE behind what’s drives them? Their VISION, their FEELINGS, their PLAN.

Clients have to have the vision and feelings connected to that vision and the WILL and DETERMINATION to manifest that vision. They have to know what they want and they have to be the engineers of that plan to see it through for it to work. Do you see this in your own life?

Had to share this clip.

Here’s to knowing your WHY & HOW and then executing on it!

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